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Storage Tips

Vehicle Storage Questions Answered

Here are some helpful tips from Butler’s Compound to make storing your car, truck, RV, or van easier at our Winnipeg location!

Tip 1

Q: Insurance. Do I need it?

A: In Manitoba, the only person who can insure a vehicle is the registered owner. A storage facility cannot carry insurance for your vehicle. MPIC does offer storage insurance for vehicles. We highly recommend that you have insurance; however, we do not require it.

Tip 2

Q: Do I need to disconnect my battery?

A: We recommend that you disconnect your battery if you are storing your vehicle for any length of time.

Tip 3

Q: Will my gasoline go bad?

A: If you are storing your vehicle for several months, we recommend that you add a stabilant compound to the fuel tank to prevent your fuel from becoming unusable.

Tip 4

Q: Are there any special considerations that I need to make to store an RV?

A: If you’re going to be storing your RV over the winter months, ensure that you winterize it for cold weather. You don’t want to have to deal with leaking and cracked pipes in the spring!

Tip 5

Q: Do I need to clean my RV before storing it?

A: Make sure that you remove all food from your RV/trailer before you store it. You don’t want unwanted hungry critters living in your unit!

Tip 6

Q: Should I drain my motorboat before storage?

A: Yes. Please ensure that you drain all water from your boat’s motor before freeze-up.

Storage Lockers

Tip 7

Q: Can my storage locker be transported with my property inside of it?

A: No. Due to the mode of transport and the weight of a filled locker, this is not possible.

Tip 8

Q: Do I need my own lock?

A: Yes. To secure the doors of your unit it is recommended that you bring your own lock.

Tip 9

Q: Are the storage lockers weather and rodent-proof?

A: Yes, when the doors have been properly secured they are weather and rodent-proof.

Tip 10

Q: How do I prevent moisture/condensation inside my storage locker?

A: There are a few different ways this can be accomplished.

Kitty Litter - Clay cat litter can be poured into a bucket or you can simply place an open bag of kitty litter inside your storage locker.

Charcoal - Charcoal briquettes can be placed in fabric pouches or in a plastic-lined bucket or they can be set on a metal tray. Charcoal stains are difficult to remove, so it is best to avoid setting the briquettes against any of your stored items.

Desiccant packs - These can be bought from a store or home-made by filling a fabric pouch with moisture-absorbing crystals, such as silica gel.

All of these moisture preventing methods need to be checked and replaced regularly for optimum effectiveness.

Tip 11

Q: Do I need to protect my belongings inside a storage locker?

A: We recommend making sure all your stored items are adequately packed and protected. Furniture and mattresses can be wrapped and covered with furniture/moving blankets then covered with a sheet of plastic. It is best to avoid putting plastic directly against furniture. Make sure your stored items are clean and 100% dry. This will help prevent mould and mildew.

Please contact us for more information about our storage facilities.

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